Oct 312006

No, not for your favorite politcal candidate, that’s NEXT week.

Remember to vote in Beading Help Web’s first Scary Story Contest – you could win free beads! Voting closes October 31 at NOON Central Time. Read the entries and send you vote to me at beadingpublisher@consumerhelpweb.com Winners will be announced right here, in the Beading Help Web Blog on the evening of October 31!

Oct 312006

I know, there are no beads involved in this bracelet, but it’s pretty darned cool if you ask me! I started it last night, and finished it up tonite. I did find that the Byzantine weave went much faster than the Queen’s Maille….true I didn’t have to cut rings for this bracelet (precut, purchased from a seller on eBay), but the weave is still a lot faster than the Queen’s weave. I have another packet of red and green rings – thinking about doing something Christmassy, not sure if “nothing says Christmas like chainmaille” is true or not, but hey, I’ll give it a shot.

Good instructions for maille weaves are available at various locations online – I still have yet to find a decent maille print book, but I’m sure one will turn up.

Oct 302006

I had a very productive weekend!

Did a couple of repair jobs for ladies at church, made one pair of requested earrings for a lady who will pick them up next weekend, a necklace made from Dyed African Agate (see left) that is just scrumptious, finished one copper Queen’s Maille bracelet, got about 2 1/2″ completed on a Byzantine weave bracelet (in PINK, nonetheless!). I taught myself the Byzantine by reading the basics section in Step By Step Wire Jewelry. The Summer 2006 edition has some great chainmaille projects that I’m itching to try!

Oh yeah, I bought a new car too. 😀 A Saturn VUE that is just fantabulous and I love to drive already. Added bonus – I can get all my craft show goodies into it without squishing my son into a tiny ball.

Oct 272006

Just a really quick note before I run my son and his friends out to the pumpkin patch…

The weekend is here, and what better time to start up some fun new beading and jewelry making projects! Newest project I’ve posted is a pair of easy wire post earrings…I WILL get photos up this weekend, I promise. I’ve had some great feedback on project sheets – more photos and more detail! I’ll try to work back through some of the old ones, but for now, will just provide good close ups and step by step for the newest ones.

Also, if you haven’t made the festive Sparkling Pumpkin Pendant project yet, what are you waiting for? 🙂 I wore mine today out and about and had so many compliments! It’s a fun, easy project, just requires a tiny bit of know how with wire and 13 LUCKY crystals to make. I wear my pendant on a sterling snake chain, but you could just as easily hang it from leather, satin, or other types of chain if you’d like.

Oops, gotta run! More Saturday.

Oct 262006

I’ve been a little remiss on posting in the past couple of days…it’s been very busy at home – hubby and I have been shopping for a new car and I think we’re pretty close to putting the Clown Car (ZX2) out to pasture. It really needs to go to a nice college or high school student who is not going to pack every thing, includign the dog, in it. 😉


I wanted to quickly mention that for those who are Eni Oken fans but haven’t taken the plunge on picking up one of her tutorials yet, Eni’s announced a great deal!

Here’s my end-of-the-year gift to you, jewelry maker… Save %50 (that’s $94!!!)
when you purchase the “All Tutorials Bundle”. Download 33 PAID tutorials online

Read my review of Eni’s site and then visit her site for the great deal on tutorials.

Oct 242006

I’m excited to announce that Beading Help Web’s article on additions to your Home Jewelry Parties has been published on Rena Klingenberg’s Jewelry Business Success Tips web site and in the latest issue of her email newsletter.

Rena’s considered by many to be a guru in the business of jewelry, and I’m honored to have my article published on her site! She also has a number of interesting and innovative articles from successful jewelry business people, and I have used many of the tips I’ve gained from her site in my own business.

Sign up for Rena’s free email newsletter through her site…I did a long time ago, and have always enjoyed reading the articles and ideas.

Oct 222006

Quick update on what was hot at yesterday’s craft fair!

Earrings…as usually, earring FLEW off my displays. Hottest sellers were copper and threaders.

Sometimes I have to talk to people about copper – they are a little dubious of putting a copper post through their ear piercings, but I wear them a lot and have had no problems. Now, if I could just find my personal copper earrings!! (They’ve disappeared SOMEWHERE.)

Threaders, those sexy little chains with a dangle off the end, were also VERY hot. Not everyone has seen them or realizes what they are, but once they understand the concept, they are eager to try!

Copper as a whole is very popular. It’s less expensive than sterling, and has a great warm patina as it ages. I tumble and then let it age naturally – the pieces that I’ve used Liver of Sulfur or hard boiled eggs on don’t seem to have the same rich look as those that age naturally…and the aging process is pretty fast with copper.

Not selling as well: simple strung bracelets! Believe it or not, unless it’s an unusual stone or pattern, they just aren’t getting the pick up quality that they used to. Maybe my stock is too “old”…I’ve toyed with putting out a basket with my older pieces and marking them down at an upcoming show and making some new strung bracelets, but I have to think that the market is just saturated. At yesterday’s show, there were less jewelry tables than usual (good) but other than one lampworker, another wire worker, and myself, it was all simple stringing. I think customers are getting bored with this style and are looking for something new!

Overall, it was a good day…very busy, had a lot of traffic and met a lot of really neat people. It’s still early in the season, but I’m thinking about making some changes in my stock offerings before my next show in two weeks!

Oct 212006

In August for my *mumble mumble* birthday, Mom and Dad thoughtfully sent a Barnes and Noble gift card. I’ve decided I NEED (not want, this is a deep seated need, you know, the kind that keeps you awake at night?) for a book with various maille weaves.

So I’m researching B&N.com and looking for maille books. Not too many to choose from. If anyone has recommendations, I’d sure appreciate your advice!!!

Craft show tomorrow. I set up tonite and I’m glad I did. No huge issues like the last time (I forgot my earring displays that time!), but I feel like Genie in Aladin….”Phenomenal cosmic powers! Itty bitty living space.” I’ve got great stuff, but I’m pretty cramped. Update later on what’s selling, what’s not!!

Oct 202006

Attention all you seed beaders! Beadworks’ Beaded Bag Contest is now open and accepting entries through January 12, 2007. What a great way to promote talented weavers, and the early notification assures enough time to design and complete complex patterns!

More details, including form and submission requirements, available on the Beadwork Beaded Bag Contest web site.