Aug 172007

While I’m aware this the BEADING Help Web 😉 I do love doing my chainmaille. Recently, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with a weave called the European 4-in-1, commonly called the Euro 4:1.

It’s supposed to be a basic weave. It’s supposed to be “easy”. I have struggled with it for over a year, and finally tried some different instructions to see if I could master it.

Here’s a patch (about 2 inches) that I worked on tonite.

I can do this weave, but I can’t consistently explain HOW I do it. So “master” I am not. It’s a pretty weave, and flat (I LOVE flat weaves, like the Vertebrae or Helm Chains), but it’s just a bear for me to accomplish. I say bad words under my breath, but I literally dream about accomplishing it as easily as I do many other (difficult) maille patterns.

Finally, I have to tell a funny story about the Euro 4:1. I wanted to just make a little patch for a cell phone charm – I figured since most of my high end jewelry has maille in it, I want to “advertise” my craft. I finally succeeded, using some “scrap” pink aluminum rings, and honestly, it’s kind of cute.

My son saw the cell phone charm and said “COOL!! I want a shirt made out of this weave!! Will you make me one? Or teach me how???”

Now. I would love to encourage my maille obsession in my offspring, but I’m a little hesitant. Couldn’t he have asked for personal instructions for a Byzantine or Box Chain? I’m not sure I can teach him how to do the Euro 4:1 without also teaching him my bad words. 😉

I do have a bid in on a full pound of BA (bright aluminum) rings on eBay. He can make his own darned 4:1 shirt……..