Sep 272007

I haven’t ordered watch faces for a while, but I ran out of watches this summer. Deciding that I wanted to order some new watch faces to replenish my stock, I went back to “old faithful” HHH Enterprises.

I was pleased to find an extended selection of 3.99 and 4.99 watch faces, in new styles that I really liked, including copper (yes! copper!!!) and some with pink ribbons on the faces. Because watches are really a hit or miss business (some shows I don’t even have anyone pick them up, the next I sell out of everything I have!), I just ordered a few.

If you read the review I wrote in 2006, you’ll see that my biggest beef was that the watch faces were shipped running. HHH responded to my complaint back then stating that they shipped the watches running to ensure they worked.

My shipment arrived today, just three business days after I’d ordered it. And yes, the watches were all running.


HHH included a brand new, in the package watch battery with each and every watch face I ordered. I was thrilled, because I’ll pass these along to the customers who buy the watches…knowing that even if the current battery lasts for a year, they’ll have a brand new battery to put in their watch!

Plus, HHH now accepts American Express and Discover cards in addition to Visa and Mastercard.

Now, that’s what I call customer service. HHH Enterprises gets a A+++ from me this time around!!!!

Sep 242007

Today, I got an newsletter in my email box. I like Artbeads, they have great prices and some really fun and unique beads, plus FREE SHIPPING in the US! (Canada shipping only $1!!)

But my jaw dropped just a little when I saw one of the newest Thai pendants for sale – it looked just like something I make! Beading Help Web’s Holiday Tree Earrings could easily be adapted for a pendant – just use heavier wire (I’d recommend at least 16g, maybe even 14g), hammer it lightly to flatten and strengthen it, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful pendant.

And for a fraction of the Artbeads price.

Sep 242007

With all the news lately about toys, cribs, and jewelry that are not safe for our children, I thought I’d give you some ideas for SAFE jewelry you can make yourself.

Keep in mind that by “safe” I mean that the components I recommend for any children’s jewelry are lead free. Small pieces can still be swallowed, so supervise or only give jewelry to kids who are old enough to know they should not put them in their mouths.

A good example of lead-free jewelry is one of my newest projects – Children’s Boo Bracelet. Perfect for Halloween or you can substitute a name, a pet name, or favorite mascot for the word BOO in the bracelet.

I used ceramic letters, orange cat’s eye and black onyx beads on stretchy material to create a fun, lead-free bracelet that any girl or boy would love this Halloween season. To stay safe, only use non-metallic, unpainted materials, or use sterling silver or gold if you are going for metal accents. If you must use pewter, be sure it is marked as Lead Free.

More ideas on lead-free children’s jewelry to come!

Sep 222007

I’ve been thinking about adding a small hanging tag (sterling silver or copper) with a stamp to my jewelry for some time. It’s just a tiny thing, but I think it will help with brand identity and add just a nice touch to my work.

Beaducation has a number of very cute stamps, tags, and other tools you need to use the stamps (hammer, block, etc.,), and they have just gotten in three new stamps: Paisley, Question Mark and Spiral Flower. The stamps are reasonably priced at $ 9.75 (US) each, and tags are reasonable too!

Sep 152007

It feels like summer’s hot temps have left for sure, and I’m thinking it’s time to take out the fall colors. I’ve been experimenting with color lately, and while fall can be a bit more on the monochromatic side, there are still some opportunities to mix color and texture into some interesting pieces.

A couple of ideas that seem “fallish” to me…

Tiger Eye and Jet Black Swarovski crystals. I wanted a warmer look for this set, so I used the gold Beadalon wire and gold-filled findings. For the earrings, I didn’t have any gold-filled head pins, so I used the Beadalon again to hang the beads. A crimp at the top secures the dangle to the ear wire.

Next up, green Labradorite and Smokey Quartz. The color difference between the two stones is subtle, but I like it. The browns and greens are very warm and fallish, and I think this would look great with a cozy sweater. I’m also using a lot of these headpins – they have a small ball at the end which finishes off dangles prettier than a flat head.