Nov 292008

Just a couple more days to get free shipping from Generation Gems! Use coupon code holidayship for free shipping on orders through December 1. OR, you can get 10% off your total order by entering code Save10 (also through December 1).

I absolutely love Generation Gems engraved name beads – so many possibilities for “brag” bracelets and jewelry! My strung bracelet, using Swarovski pearls in a neutral cream color, bali beads and hematite, goes well with almost everything. And my newest brag (yes, that’s my dog’s name and his birthday is engraved on the back!) is made from an onyx bead with chainmaille that I’ve oxidized using LOS.

What a great gift idea for the holiday season…Mom, Grandmother, even Dad would love a “brag” bracelet or necklace with the names and birthdates of children and grandchildren!!


Nov 272008

Today we think about the things we’re thankful for…hopefully we think about them daily and don’t take them for granted. 🙂

I’m thankful that our family has our health, jobs, insurance, more than adequate basic things like shelter and food, and the means to get around without having to worry.

I’m thankful to have some talent and the ability to share it.

I’m thankful to have friends across the world who are caring and willing to lend a hand or offer a shoulder when things get tough.

Of course there are the not so serious things too…
– I’m thankful that it’s not snowing yet (hubby works road maintenance and has to plow when it does).
– I’m thankful for all the beads, rocks, metal and tools I hoard in my studio.
– I’m thankful for the batch of lefse I made yesterday that will be lucky to make it to the end of the day.
– I’m thankful for my dingo doggie who loves unconditionally (okay, not so silly…)
– I’m thankful for my dial up connection which keeps me from shopping on the internet 24×7.

Have a happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends. And eat a slice of turkey for me. 😉

Nov 232008

Thanks to the folks at Boston Handmade for turning me on to the x-rite color hue test. In this test, you re-arrange the color chips in hue order, then click on “submit” to see what your score is. I scored 15 (0 is the best you can get). Nice little time waster that’s actually a bit of brain food!

Speaking of Boston Handmade, the Etsy Street Team is setting up a holiday gallery in downtown Boston…visit it if you have a chance! My extremely talented friend Nancy McCallum (nancyrosetta jewelry) is part of this group and I wish them the best of luck this holiday season!!

The ARTitiudes holiday gallery is winding down – our last day for sales is today, 12:00 – 5:00. I love being a part of this group – it’s hard work, but the gallery is so incredible! I did get some good pictures yesterday, but forgot to bring my camera home from Lincoln. I promise to post pictures soon! Yesterday I even got to be on TV (twice) – some local Lincoln news programs sent out camera crews to check us out. I’m not too fond of going on camera, but drew the short straw, LOL.

After today, shows are over for me for the fall. I’m looking forward to holiday get-togethers and relaxing…and Ornament Thursday will kick back in – fabulous holiday ornament projects every week beginning December 4! Stay tuned for more.

Nov 072008

Early holiday gift to myself is more time…for the last several years, I’ve managed to save enough vacation time from my day job to take off one day a week during December. This year, I somehow finagled it so I began working 4-day weeks in November!

Of course, jewelry making is at the top of my list – two more shows to go this year (one tomorrow, one in two weeks), some commissioned pieces that have been ordered, and a to-do list that seems to grow over night.

Today I’m taking out my little torch. Have some fusing and soldering projects that I’ll work on. This week I’ve been building inventory for the shows – earrings and rings that are priced less than $20…great stocking stuffers and impulse items.

Happy Friday…off to fire up that torch!