Jun 112009

I was touched recently by the story of my friend Nancy Rosetta’s mom.  Dolly had a stroke, and Nancy and her sisters have been blogging about their experiences.

Nancy is an accomplished jewelry maker, and found solace during a stressful time making “stroke bracelets” with her sisters.  Read more about how the concept of “One Red Bead” came into being.

I love the idea of making jewelry that represents a concept or makes me think of someone…while making jewelry for the sake of making a pretty piece is fulfilling as well, there’s just something about having a piece around your wrist or neck that reminds me of my family or a special time in my life.

I guess that’s why “Brag Bracelets” are so popular. 🙂

Get well soon, Dolly…you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Jun 042009

I’m getting really excited about the Grand Cities Art Fest…show dates are June 13-14 in Grand Forks, ND.

If you remember, last year I was awarded with Best in Show honors, which means I’ll be the featured artist at this years show.  Look for original C-My Designs works of art on the festival t-shirts and brochures!

Nicole Derenne (Executive Director of NoVac) has been wonderful to work with in planning this event over the past year.  Please support the Northern Valley Arts Council by becoming a member, volunteering, or attending one of their great events.

More as the date approaches…in the meantime, a preview of unique items that may be available at the Art Fest are listed in C-My Designs Etsy shop.