Sep 042010

I love to stamp!  Letter stamps are a fun way to add character to a piece – you can make up a silly saying, or using something that’s inspirational.

It’s the pits, however, when you start stamping and either a) can’t read the letter on the stamp because it’s small, or b) accidently misspell or jumble your letters around (ever stamped a letter sideways?  doesn’t work!).  Well, here’s a quick and easy way to mark your stamps so you’ll never have that happen again!

I took some white nail polish, put a dab on the front (side that faces me when I stamp) of the stamp handle, and when the nail polish was dry, used a Sharpie to write the corresponding letter on the stamp.  When I go to stamp a name, phrase or word, I line up my stamps in the order I’ll be using them with the label face up.  This way, I can check my spelling, AND I know my letters will be going the right direction!

When you are stamping letters, use a medium tap with a hammer.  A dead blow hammer works best (no bounce back), but especially with single line letters (like “I” or “L”), if you whack it too hard, you risk cutting thru your piece.

Have fun!