Feb 142008

I made this bracelet for a very good friend as part of an exchange of sorts that we have been holding the past couple of years. We all draw names, and then fill up a box with things we don’t want or need any longer. Included in the box are usually a couple of “good” gifts, and this bracelet was one of Amy’s “nice” things. (The exchange is affectionately known as the “Box of Crap” exchange, which is always interesting when one goes to the Post Office to send a 20 lb box, and then turn down insurance because “it’s just crap”.)

Anyway. 😉

No instructions for this one, but I want to play a game. No fair playing if you’ve already seen it on one of my favorite jewelry discussion forums!

What are the discs made from? 😀 Post your guesses here in the comments, and I’ll tell you if you are correct.

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  2 Responses to “Amy’s Geek Chic Bracelet”

  1. Floppy disks?

  2. Never mind I just read the rest of the post, WAY COOL!

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