Jul 242008

First off all, I had a big “DUH” moment this morning. I was in a panic to post my Ornament Thursday project and happened to open an email from Michele in the OT group.

OT is NEXT Thursday. <—smacks self across head

I am only vindicated by the fact that several others in the group also thought it was this week. 😉 Tee Hee, I guess I will just tease and say that my “Red Hot” project is REALLY hot! Watch this space next Thursday for the final instructions on a project that’s red hot AND perfect for summer.

Back to fair week….my big county fair is this weekend. Jeremy and I spent Wednesday setting up, and then he took off to investigate all the “bad” fair food and watch the queen coronation.

Congratulations to Kerrie Denning of Neola on her coronation as 2008 WestFair Queen! Wonder if she needs any new jewelry…..

I am quite pleased with my set up for this fair – I used some artistic license and moved a HUGE shelf unit from behind my booth, covered it with black fabric and it’s perfect for my cash register and other Point-of-Sale type things. I’ll get some pictures of the booth later today and post them Friday.

One thing I changed this year – I added a sign with my business name, some graphics, and HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY to my booth. I constantly have folks who seem surprised that I make everything…so I want to capitalize on it! I think I will have a banner or sign professionally made…this one was just printed on my computer at home and isn’t as big as I’d like. (Funny conversation last night: Customer: “Oh this is such nice jewelry! Who are you associated with?” Me: “I’m associated with me…I make all of this”.)

Nothing wrong with promoting handcrafted. 😉

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