Ball and Chain Bracelet


I’ve used diagonally drilled cubes for my bracelet, but Swarovski pearls or other round beads would look fabulous as well! The bracelet is delicate and light; make a longer version for a terrific retro-style necklace.

Ball and Chain BraceletLevel: Medium

8-10 6mm beads
20g half hard sterling wire, about 15″ OR XX 1″ sterling silver eye pins

Cut wire into 8-10 1″ pieces. For the first link, make one closed round loop, string one bead, finish with one closed round loop. The two loops should be at 90 degree angles from each other, so that if you look at the link from one end, you will see the two loops intersecting like an X.

For subsequent links, attach the first loop to the last loop in the link before it so you are creating a chain of beaded links. Make as many chain links as will comfortably fit around your wrist (keeping in mind that you will still have about the length of one link for a clasp), approximately 8-10 links.

Alternate method:   use sterling eye pins, which already have a loop at one end. String a bead on the eye pin, make a loop at the end that is straight, and attach the next eye pin before closing the loop.

For the clasp, make a Shepherd’s or S hook clasp using the remainder of the wire. Using your round-nosed pliers, create a tiny loop at the end of the wire.

Create a small bend (no more than 5 degrees) near the loop so that it will look like a shepherd’s hook, or the top of an S. Approximately 5cm from the loop, make a larger loop, bending the straight wire back toward the tiny loop. Attach the clasp to one end of the beaded chain using a closed or wrapped loop.

Because the wire is half-hard, the S hook will “snap” back into place after hooking to the loop at the other end of your bracelet. Be sure the end of the clasp with the tiny loop is very close (touching) to the straight part of the clasp to prevent it from unhooking.

— L. Kvigne

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