Bead It! Beads from Around the World


I recently visited the Mall of America (Bloomington, Minnesota) Bead It! location. While I wasn’t overwhelmed with the selection, I’d recommend stopping by if you are visiting the largest mall in the United States.

Located at W383 Mall of America (3rd floor, west wing near Nordstroms, Bead It! features an extensive selection of most notably Czech 10.0 and 11.0 hanks. Prices on the hanks are reasonable, and two walls are dedicated to seed beads — loads of colors and finishes to choose from!

I was disappointed with the variety in the silver sterling, Bali and Hill Tribe and gemstones, but there were ample quantities and styles of Swarovski crystals, glass and single beads to choose from. Most beaders will find they are able to find beads, beading wire and findings to make plenty of projects.

One thing that struck me at Bead It! was that there is a LOT of finished jewelry for sale. I’m assuming it’s made by the staff; the components are available for sale in the store and it doesn’t look manufactured. I know most local bead stores (LBS) have some pre-made jewelry for sale, but Bead It! has fully one quarter of their wall space, plus a couple of glass display cases devoted to finished pieces.

Overall, the staff is helpful, retail prices are reasonable, and I was pleased to see a bead store located in the Mall. While Bead It! isn’t my dream LBS, it’s fun to visit and browse.

— L. Kvigne

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