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I first came across RockNRocks through an email from one of the editors asking to promote their online contest. After perusing their online store (which is really a storefront for an eBay store), I decided to try them out, order a few products, and review the store. “Walking” through the online store, I notice a lot of unique and unusual stones and beads – lava, unique ceramics, and MOP/shell pendants and beads. In addition to shopping, there is a forum to visit with friends, metaphysical qualities of stones for research, and an index to find specific stones and beads quickly.

The site itself was easy enough to navigate, however photos do not show details of beads and are not close in; it’s a bit difficult to ascertain what is really being ordered. I do object to RockNRocks use of the word “fine” with their sterling silver – if it is “fine” silver, it is not sterling silver! This could be construed as misleading to less knowledgeable beaders, who in turn might unknowingly mislead their customers.

I ordered a ceramic pendant, vintage beads, and shell beads on a Thursday. Because the “store” operates through eBay, I was immediately taken to PayPal for my payment, and was directed to use the normal PayPal payment process. There is an additional discount for first time purchases – use code WELCOME when you check out. Instant communication following the placement of my order was good – email confirming my order was received immediately.

Unfortunately, a few scant minutes after posting on a message board that I had placed an order with RockNRocks, a fellow board member said “You shouldn’t have..if I’d have known you were going to, I would have told you not to!”

That didn’t make me real comfortable going in. But I decided to hold judgment until I’d received my order.

I was quite pleased on the following Monday when a box from RockNRocks arrived in my mailbox. Super fast shipping makes me cheer! BUT.of the four items I had ordered, only three were in the box. No note, no indication on the enclosed invoice that my product had been backordered, it just wasn’t there!

I sent three subsequent emails to the RockNRocks email address, one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and finally one on Thursday. I did not receive acknowledgement or confirmation on the first two. I copied the third email to the company owner, and DID receive a response from him stating that my last product had been mailed out on Tuesday, and he apologized for not responding to the first two emails. My final item DID arrive the next day.

The beads I ordered were average to below average in quality and price. I was especially disappointed in the ceramic beads (which I planned to use for cell phone charms), which were very poor quality, and the shell beads, which look like they were manufactured. The vintage beads were average quality, but expensive in comparison to other sites.

Overall, I’d rate my experience at RockNRocks a C-. Shipping was super fast, but the lack of communication when I had a problem and the poor quality of the merchandise won’t have me stopping back at RockNRocks any time soon.
–L. Kvigne

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