Jul 242010

Heh.  Make rings.  Finger rings, that is…not jump rings for once!

Rose Ring by Lynn Kvigne

Rose Ring by Lynn Kvigne

These cute little “rose” rings are made using 2 6″ sections of 20g craft wire.  I found that putting my ring mandrel in a vise helped with production, as I’m not always fighting to keep it stable.  My next show is our local county fair, and these go over pretty well with the fair crowd…so I made up 21 of them last night in about an hour.

You can make these pretty quickly once you have the hang of twisting the wire.  Here are the basic steps:

1. Cut 2 pieces of 20g wire (craft wire, copper, silver) 6″ long each.

2. Using a ring mandrel (or a dowel a little larger than your ring size if you don’t have a mandrel), wind both pieces, side by side around the mandrel.  Wind the wire at the size mark that is 1/2 size larger than your ring size.

3. Twist the four ends around each other in a knot.  Twist again, making a double spiral.

4. Remove the ring from the mandrel.

5. Wind the ends (two on either side) around the ring band twice.  Clip the ends.

6. The raw ends will be a little sharp!  You’ll want to either gently file them or put your ring in a tumbler with stainless steel shot for about 30-45 minutes.

Wear it with pride!

Aug 152008
I’m thrilled to be the Featured Artist for Ornament Thursday this month….here’s just a little sneak peek of what you’ll be seeing more of in two weeks! A tiny teaser – it involves wire, orphan beads and is definitely a 30-minute project!!!
This month’s theme is Academia…I’m excited to see what all the talented gals come up with! Full projects will be posted on Thursday, (of course!) August 28.


Mar 252008

If you’ve been following my posts for beginning beaders, you’ve now figured out what you need to get started, how to make a stretchy bracelet, and you’ve graduated to making jewelry with clasps.

Next up, learning a few tricks with wire! Making loops or wrapped loops is essential to making earrings, and once you’ve mastered that skill, you’ll probably be itching to try something even more challenging!

Wire is a great medium to play with – even with copper wire you can buy at the hardware store, or craft wire from a floral store, hobby store (like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby), or fabric store, you can make easy rings. Again, no special tools necessary – if you don’t have a ring mandrel, use a wooden dowel or even a marker barrel to shape your ring! I love working with wire because it’s so versatile – alone, it can be twisted and turned into so many shapes and designs…add a few beads and you’ve got a unique work of art!


Feb 212008

I found the basic idea for this project in Jean Campbell’s excellent book: Beadwork Creates Jewelry. A friend needed a stretchy ring because her knuckles were significantly larger than her fingers, and metal rings that fit over her knuckles were uncomfortable to wear! She loves this style, and we’ve worked up several in different colors that she can “stack” or wear alone.

This version uses pretty colored seed beads and a large hole Bali bead to hold together multiple strands. I’ve included a photo of the finished ring and instructions here, look for complete step by step photos on Beading Help Web’s project page this weekend.

Keeping in mind the concept behind Beading Help Web’s “30 Minute Projects”, all components for this project are available at most local or online craft, hobby or bead stores, and even a beginning beader can make it in 30 minutes or less!

Multi-Strand Stretchy Ring


Seed beads (size 11)

One large hole Bali silver bead

Stretch Magic .7mm size

I like to leave the Stretch Magic on the spool while I work with seed beads, mainly because I’m afraid of having beads slip off the end! If you’d like to cut a section instead, cut off about 5″ of Stretch Magic, and use a binder clip or tape on one end to keep the beads from skittling off. 😉

Step 1

Determine your ring size by wrapping the Stretch Magic loosely but firmly around your finger. You don’t want to have too much slack, but you don’t want it cutting off circulation either! Measure the length of Stretch Magic you need, and note it on a piece of paper.

Step 2

String seed beads on the Stretch Magic, a long enough section to fully cover the length you measured in Step 1.

Step 3

Thread the Stretch Magic through the Bali silver bead. Clip the Stretch Magic off the spool, leaving at least 2″ extra on both ends. Tie off the ends of the Stretch Magic (at least 3-4 knots) and clip excess close to the knot.

Step 4

Repeat Steps 1-3 with a second section of Stretch Magic, so that you have two “rings” going through the Bali silver bead.

Step 5

Gently pull the knots inside the Bali silver bead to hide them.

Feb 062008

Been working busily on a few thing this week…

My Broken Heart (left) is a really unique design. I made this for a Valentine’s Day Challenge on the Jewelry Artists forum, and really love the simplicity of the design. The pendant is a clasp, or the clasp is a pendant…however you want to look at it. Getting outside the box can be fun sometimes! I put the copper version up for sale on my Etsy shop…I’m thinking about making a sterling silver version as well.

Beginning this month, I’ll be working on publishing some “30-Minute Projects”, featuring easy to find components in projects that you can complete in (guess…..) 30 minutes or less. Great for beginners, or for quick last minute gifts. First up – Fun and Fancy Ribbon Bookmark, featuring Swarovski crystals. Mine’s pink…I guess all the romance around Valentine’s Day is showing up in my jewelry creations!

And finally, finally, finally….watch this space for an exciting and important announcement! Maybe today, probably tomorrow…Beading Help Web’s going to help you in more ways than you can imagine!!!