Mar 262009

It’s that time again, and the OT group is coming up with some beautiful Celedon (pale green) projects for you to make!

My contribution this month is a delightful pair of embellished ear wires – simple to make, and super cute to wear! I’ve used spring colors to symbolize all the flowers that are starting to poke up through the dirt, and soon will be blooming and bringing color to the drab landscape!

Easy Embellished Ear Wires
I found that a Czech glass bead, in the shape of a flower or bead cap, makes a perfect embellishment for a simple pair of French-style ear wires. Here’s how you can achieve the same look with your own wire and beads!Materials:

22g 1/2 hard sterling silver wire
Czech glass flower bead (2)
Decorative bead (I used a cat’s eye bead in a heart shape, pink color) (2)
4mm Swarovski crystal (2)
Sterling silver head pins (2)

1. Working from the spool of wire, thread a Czech glass flower bead on the wire, cupped end last.
2. Make a small loop on the end of the wire…you’ll use this for your dangle.
3. Let the flower bead fall to the top of the loop, and made a bend in the wire at the top of the bead to hold it in place.
4. Using a Sharpie marker or other round object (pen, knitting needle, mandrel), form the shape for the ear wire just above the bend.
5. Clip the end of the wire and file.
6. Create a dangle, threading the crystal and decorative bead on the head pin.
7. Create a wrapped loop at the top of the dangle.
8. Attach the dangle to the loop at the base of the ear wire.
9. Repeat for second earring!

In retrospect, I would bump up step #8 before #3 – it was a little hard to open the loop because of how it fit “into” the flower bead.

Mar 222009

What a week this will be!

– Rings N Things annual trunk show “Wholesale Bead Show” is in Des Moines, IA today and Omaha, NE tomorrow. I really look forward to this show every year – it’s fun to see and chat with the R&T staff, plus there are beads, beads and MORE beads! Check out the R&T site for a location near you!

– Ornament Thursday is March 26. This month’s theme is “Celedon” (pale green). I’m whipping up a quick project that may make your friends green with envy when they see you wearing it!

– Studio clean up was last week, but I’m reaping the benefits now. Once in a while, I like to go through the various boxes, bowls and piles of “stuff” that’s accumulated on my work bench and put away beads, sort through findings and toss projects that seemed to make sense into the scrap bowl. Sometimes I’m amazed at what I find, and it always creates at least a little inspiration for new projects!

Have a great Sunday…I’m looking forward to a great start to a wonderful week!