Dec 292009

Just found out that the Rings N Things “Your Designs ROCK” contest is accepting entries beginning January 1, 2010!  Early entries get a great perk – if your entry is received before February 3, you’ll be entered in a goodie giveaway!  Additionally, first time contestants are entered into a special drawing as well.

Wondering what to make?  Some info straight from the source:

  • 2010 categories are glass & crystal, gemstones & pearls, mostly metal, metal clay, and found objects/miscellaneous.
  • You don’t have to be a Rings & Things customer to enter. You do need to include a majority of parts in your design that are available from us.

Details are available on the Rings N Things web site. Contest deadline is February 28, 2010…so get working on the designs that rock your world!!!

(pssst….R&T has a great “5-day” sale going on through January 3!!  Check it out for fantastic bargains that you can use to create your contest entry!)

Dec 272009

Now that all the presents are unwrapped, the cookies are eaten, and the guests have all departed, it’s time again to challenge yourself with the annual Fire Mountain Gems jewelry making contest!

Those of us who love metal are in for a treat – this year, FMG has separated out the ArtClay, Metal Beads, Wirework and Chain categories into their very own contest.

Grand Prize is $1000 gift certificate…and there are also prizes for the first three placements in each category (see below)!  Your winning piece could even be featured in a future FMG catalog!

Contest categories:

Necklace: Let your ingenuity and creativity shine. The sky’s the limit on the number of strands, length or techniques used. As long as you can wear it as a necklace, it qualifies.

Bracelet: Showcase your best work with an innovative bracelet design and take this classic accessory to a new level.

Earrings: The right pair of earrings complete any look—from long, short, hoop, cluster, chandelier and every style in between. Create one-of-a-kind earrings that make a statement.

Home Décor and Doll: Bring jewelry-making into the home with throws, pillows, beaded chandeliers or centerpieces. Give porcelain, clay or soft dolls radiance as you dress them in beaded elegance or create from scratch with Kato Polyclay™.

Wedding and Holiday: Go beyond the traditional to create over-the-top wedding jewelry. Celebrate your holiday spirit through jewelry—any holiday is included (Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc.).

Fashion Accessories (including rings, brooches, hairpieces and accessories): There’s no such thing as too much embellishment. Incorporate beading into clothing and accessories with beaded embroidery, crochet, adhesives, knitting and more.

Looks like fun, but hurry!  Contest entry deadline is January 12,  just around the corner!

Apr 152009

Got a note in my email today from Jaime Guthals of Interweave Press. Not sure how I missed this contest, but here’s the scoop on the Bead Star 2009 Challenge:

Interweave Announces Last Call for Entries to the Bead Star 2009 Challenge

Deadline May 1! Grand prize is an all-expense paid trip for two to Bead Fest Santa Fe 2010 and $1000 shopping spree from Fire Mountain Gems

Loveland, Colorado, April 15, 2009: Interweave announced today the final casting call for all beaders and jewelry designers in the United States and Canada to enter the second annual Bead Star challenge—an exciting competition with more than ten thousand dollars in prizes and a Grand Prize all-expense paid trip for two to beautiful Santa Fe for Bead Expo 2010, $1,000 in beading supplies, and the cover of the new magazine, Bead Star (

The deadline to enter is May 1, 2009 and no entry fee is required. “It’s as simple as uploading a photo of your design from our website,” says Bead Star Editor Leslie Rogalski.

Winning entries will be published in the second annual issue of Bead Star, the first-ever beading publication comprised entirely of prize-winning designs selected by beaders worldwide, available on newsstands nationwide this December 8, 2009 from Interweave.

Watch the Slideshow Presentation of the 2008 Winners at:

Beading Daily Editor Michelle Mach describes Bead Star best: “It’s like
American Idol for beaders—but better. You won’t have to forgo your morning
shower and stand in line with thousands of other sweaty contestants for
days as you wait to audition. Simon Cowell won’t be judging the finalists—the
much nicer editors of Beadwork and Stringing will select them. Instead of
phoning in your votes, everyone on Beading Daily—readers from all over the
world—will get a chance to vote online for the winners.”

It’s Up to the People to Choose the Winners

The editors of Bead Star, Stringing, and Beadwork magazines will select the
top 20 finalists among submissions in each of nine design element categories:
Crystals, Seed Beads, Glass, Pearls, Stones, Metals, Plastics, Designs Under
$25, and Designs with a Heart. Then enthusiasts around the world will be able
to log on to May 15-30, 2009, and cast their votes for their
favorite designs among the finalists.

“We want real beading enthusiasts from around the world to participate in the
selection process,” says Rogalski. “So, after our editors select the finalists,
we’ll leave it up to the people to pick the winners.”

A first-place, second-place, and third-place winner and two honorable
mentions will be awarded in each of the nine design element categories. All
first place prizes are valued at $500, second place prizes are valued at $300,
and third place prizes are valued at $100. One Grand Prize winner will be
selected by the Grand Prize sponsor, Fire Mountain Gems, from the first-place
category winners. This Grand Prize winner will receive a trip for two to
beautiful Santa Fe for Bead Expo 2010, win $1,000 in cool beading stuff, and
see his or her design featured on the cover of Bead Star magazine.
Bead Star’s 2008 Grand Prize Winner

Last year’s competition garnered more than 1,000 entries and the finalists
were voted on by nearly 10,000 members of the Beading Daily community.
The Bead Star 2008 Grand Prize winner is Valerie Aharoni, whose project, “Gild
& reGild,” was featured on the cover of Bead Star 2008. Aharoni’s first-place
project in the Seed Beads category was chosen by Grand Prize Sponsor Fire
Mountain Gems and Beads among the nine first-place category winners.

“The contest was totally no-stress,” says Aharoni. “There were no entry fees
and the guidelines were clear. Bead Star made it easy for beginners like me
who have never entered a contest before.”

Additional details are available on the Bead Star web site…my entry is in…is yours?!?

Mar 272009

If you’ve ever wanted to see your work in print, here’s your chance! Bead Trends magazine is looking for beaded work for their September 2009 issue…but hurry, the deadline is today!

More information available on the Bead Trends web site.

Bead Trends (September 2009) Call

Bead Trends is currently looking for designs with the following themes for our September 2009 issue

  • Quick & Easy
  • Fashion Favorites
  • Birthstones (Sapphire)
  • Anything Goes – The beaded possibilities are endless and not just limited to jewelry. What about pillows, table runners, picture frames, lamps, clothing, candle collars, wine glass charms, and home decor. This category can contain jewelry and a whole lot more!
  • Necklaces
  • Eclectic Design
  • Autumn Color & Texture
  • Matching Sets
  • Semi Precious Gemstones
  • Great Gifts

If you would like to submit your work to this publication, please e-mail a photograph, the name or title of your piece, and contact information to:

If submitting multiple pieces, please send a separate e-mail and photograph for each design.

Deadline for the September 2009 issue is 11:59 p.m. MDT, March 27th, 2009. All ideas should be your original work and not previously published.

Jan 222009

I’m a sucker for jewelry making contests and magazine submissions. I didn’t participate much last year, but I’m planning to toss my hat in the ring a few more times in 2009!

If you’ve never entered a jewelry making contest or submitted to a magazine, the best advice I can give you is to have good photos of the work you are submitting (this goes for juried shows as well!). Chances are, the person judging your work is only looking at that photo, and you want the lighting and setting to be as good as they can be.

Another important tip is to read the submission instructions carefully, and follow them to the letter. Many contests will specify the size and/or resolution of photos, some allow email submissions, others only want photos sent in via a CD, actual photograph or slide. Additionally, some will require that you send in the actual piece for “professional” photos if you win, so you will not want to sell the piece (unless it’s to someone that you can borrow it back from!).

Here are a few current contests and submissions to think about…heck, don’t just think about them, ENTER! And have fun. Lots of fun. 😉

Rings N Things annual Your Designs ROCK! contest submissions due Feb 1 Feb 28, 2009. I’ve already talked a LOT about this contest…the photo requirements are VERY explicit. Be sure you follow them to the letter or you will be disqualified!

Fire Mountain Gems 2009 Beading Contest. Entries due by April 15, 2009. Lots and lots of categories to choose from, and no limit on the number or pieces you can enter.

Jewelry Lessons Valentine’s contest. Post images to the site by February 1, 2009. Design something that is “Valentine” in theme and win prizes (there are lots of tutorials and products that are offered!)

Bead Trends monthly magazine submissions are ongoing, and while the “prizes” aren’t huge, you get the satisfaction of seeing your work in print, and a couple of copies of the magazine! Monthly submissions and themes are available on the site, usually due to the email address listed by the 25th of the month.

Good luck…and be sure to let me know what happens!!!

Jan 162009

Last night I picked up the mail, and found the new copy of the Rings N Things 2009 catalog. True confession, I don’t buy much through the catalog any more – I’m lucky enough to have their trunk show come to town once a year, and I load up on gorgeous R&T product then!

BUT, a new catalog just screams for paging through, and there are always some great finished pieces for inspiration!

So after I did some work around the house, I settled in for a little down time on the couch. Imagine my surprise when I turned page 37 of my catalog and glanced through page 38.

Something looked familiar…I did about three double takes and finally said “Hey! That’s ME!!!” (to an empty house…the boys were both gone and the dog was outside, LOL). It was my “Owl’s Eyes” bracelet, which was entered (and won Honorable Mention) in the 2007 Your Designs Rock! contest.

I was really thrilled and kept going back to page 38, even after I’d gotten far into the catalog.

Someone on one of the jewelry boards asked why R&T didn’t notify me that they were including it in their publication…well, when I entered the contest (in 2007) I’m sure there was a “we can and probably will use your images” clause, and besides, I don’t really mind it being a surprise.

What a great way to end the evening!!!

Dec 292008

It’s not too early to start planning your entry (or entries!!) for the Rings N Things “Your Designs ROCK!” contest! Entries are accepted during the month of February, but after the holidays is a perfect time to start designing!

A little information on the contest from my friends Russ and Kim at R&T:

Do you want an excuse to get started on a new project? Perhaps you’re looking for a good reason to expand your skills. Maybe you have an ambitious idea that needs a push to be executed. And maybe you’ve got a winning idea inside you that’s just waiting to exist in the physical world! Whatever your motivations, your wait is over, because your excuse for action is here: the Rings & Things’ 2009 Your Designs Rock! Contest. Entries don’t have to be jewelry. They can be anything that includes R&T components. Jewelry, purses, wall hangings, light-switch plates, you name it! Plus, you can submit up to three entries.

Additional details available on the R&T web site!

Aug 212008

I was excited to have been contacted by Colleen a few months ago about a new promotion to highlight women with small businesses. An interview published on her blog (MommieDaze), with a contest to give away an item of my choice.

To be honest, I forgot about the interview until this week when Colleen dropped me a note…but it was really fun to do! Read the interview on MommieDaze and follow the contest instructions for a chance to win my Floating Swirled Heart pendant on a sterling silver snake chain.

Jun 202008

It’s that time of year again! Land of Odds is ready to have YOU vote on the Ugliest Necklace of 2008. From my mailbox:

6th Annual 2008 The Ugly Necklace Contest
A Jewelry Design Competition With A Twist
Ten Semi-Finalists Selected
– Voting Begins!

May 17, 2008 thru July 18, 2008
10 Jewelry Artists from around the world have been selected from among 37 entries by a panel of four judges from The Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts and Land of Odds as Semi-Finalists of 6th Annual 2008 The Ugly Necklace Contest – A Jewelry Design Competition With A Twist. Voting begins On-Line on May 20th, thru July 18th.


It’s not easy to do Ugly!

So the many jewelry designers from across America and around the Globe who entered our 6th Annual 2008 The Ugly Necklace Contest, found this contest especially challenging. After all, your brain is pre-wired to avoid and reject things which are ugly. Think of snakes and spiders. And even if you start your necklace with a bunch of ugly pieces, once you organize them
into a circle, the very nature of an ordered round form makes it difficult to achieve Ugly. Yes, “Ugly” is easier said than done.

Who will win? We need the public’s help to influence our panel of judges. Does our Sri Lanka entry set an uglier standard about recycling garbage than our Connecticut equestrian does for recycling horse manure? Is the interpretation of Spirituality Overload Gone Awry more successful than those artists who chose Breast Cancer or the Iraq War as “ugly” themes? Does
beginning with ugly pieces achieve better results than starting with misarranged attractive pieces?

Our respected judges narrowed the 37 entries from 17 states in the US as well as Australia, Canada, England and Sri Lanka, to the 10 ugliest ones. They judged these creatively-designed pieces in terms of hideousness, use of materials and clasp, the number of jewelry design principles violated, and the designer’s artistic control. Now it’s time for America and the World
to help finalize the decision about which of these 10 semi-finalists’ Ugly Necklaces to vote for. The winner will truly be an exceptional jewelry designer. The losers….well….this isn’t a contest where you really can “lose”.

Come see these and the other semi-finalists’ pieces at Land of Odds, and vote your choice for the Ugliest Necklace, 2008.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, however. There is some UGH-LEE stuff there………

And if you missed out on entering this year’s contest, but feel inspired (well, maybe compelled is a better word) to try it yourself, the 2009 contest rules are also posted.

Mar 262008

Want to be a Bead Star? Well, you can throw your hat in the ring for a chance at over $12,000 in prizes, including a trip to Santa Fe for the 2009 Bead Expo!!!! Entries are due no later than May 6, and can be submitted via email.

Interweave Press, publisher of Bead Work and Bead Style magazines, has announced a Casting Call for the Bead Star contest. Winners will also have the opportunity to donate their work to an auction benefiting the American Heart Association’s women’s heart health initiatives!

More on the contest on the official Bead Star web site…good luck!!!