Jan 192009

Today one of my “tasks” was to create a gallery on my web site of work. I have a lot of photos of jewelry I’ve made and sold, or it’s not up for sale…and no where to display it. One of the problems with a site like Etsy is that you can only “show” pieces that are for sale or have sold through the site.

So I added 11 pages to my personal web site, and loaded 50+ photos of earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces that I’ve made over the years. While I looked at the photos, I thought about the person who bought the piece or received it as a gift. A few pieces sold at art shows or consignment shops, so I’ll never know the story behind the purchase, but in many cases, I do…and it’s fun to reminisce.

The pendant pictured at the left was a gift for a very close friend. She loves pink, and this just shouted her name to me. I chose it for the opening page of the gallery because it’s a pretty piece, very unique, and it has a rich history for me.

I’ve received some positive feedback from some friends that took a look at my new Gallery, but I’d love to hear yours as well! And share with me some of the ideas you have in how to “show off” pieces that you no longer have – it would be great to hear additional ideas!

C-My Designs Gallery

Nov 232008

Thanks to the folks at Boston Handmade for turning me on to the x-rite color hue test. In this test, you re-arrange the color chips in hue order, then click on “submit” to see what your score is. I scored 15 (0 is the best you can get). Nice little time waster that’s actually a bit of brain food!

Speaking of Boston Handmade, the Etsy Street Team is setting up a holiday gallery in downtown Boston…visit it if you have a chance! My extremely talented friend Nancy McCallum (nancyrosetta jewelry) is part of this group and I wish them the best of luck this holiday season!!

The ARTitiudes holiday gallery is winding down – our last day for sales is today, 12:00 – 5:00. I love being a part of this group – it’s hard work, but the gallery is so incredible! I did get some good pictures yesterday, but forgot to bring my camera home from Lincoln. I promise to post pictures soon! Yesterday I even got to be on TV (twice) – some local Lincoln news programs sent out camera crews to check us out. I’m not too fond of going on camera, but drew the short straw, LOL.

After today, shows are over for me for the fall. I’m looking forward to holiday get-togethers and relaxing…and Ornament Thursday will kick back in – fabulous holiday ornament projects every week beginning December 4! Stay tuned for more.