Jan 222009

I’m a sucker for jewelry making contests and magazine submissions. I didn’t participate much last year, but I’m planning to toss my hat in the ring a few more times in 2009!

If you’ve never entered a jewelry making contest or submitted to a magazine, the best advice I can give you is to have good photos of the work you are submitting (this goes for juried shows as well!). Chances are, the person judging your work is only looking at that photo, and you want the lighting and setting to be as good as they can be.

Another important tip is to read the submission instructions carefully, and follow them to the letter. Many contests will specify the size and/or resolution of photos, some allow email submissions, others only want photos sent in via a CD, actual photograph or slide. Additionally, some will require that you send in the actual piece for “professional” photos if you win, so you will not want to sell the piece (unless it’s to someone that you can borrow it back from!).

Here are a few current contests and submissions to think about…heck, don’t just think about them, ENTER! And have fun. Lots of fun. 😉

Rings N Things annual Your Designs ROCK! contest submissions due Feb 1 Feb 28, 2009. I’ve already talked a LOT about this contest…the photo requirements are VERY explicit. Be sure you follow them to the letter or you will be disqualified!

Fire Mountain Gems 2009 Beading Contest. Entries due by April 15, 2009. Lots and lots of categories to choose from, and no limit on the number or pieces you can enter.

Jewelry Lessons Valentine’s contest. Post images to the site by February 1, 2009. Design something that is “Valentine” in theme and win prizes (there are lots of tutorials and products that are offered!)

Bead Trends monthly magazine submissions are ongoing, and while the “prizes” aren’t huge, you get the satisfaction of seeing your work in print, and a couple of copies of the magazine! Monthly submissions and themes are available on the site, usually due to the email address listed by the 25th of the month.

Good luck…and be sure to let me know what happens!!!

Apr 202008

I got a note from my good friend Ruth Smith, who lives in Manitoba. “There’s a new beading magazine that’s specific to Canada…would you like my thoughts on it?”

Well, sure!!! Beading Help Web has lots of Canadian readers, and I’d love to share information on a publication that’s written specifically for them!!! Here’s Ruth’s take on Canadian Beading.

New magazine geared toward beaders in Canada. Contains over a dozen projects per issue. Articles, what went wrong, advice column, contests.

What I liked: quantity of projects with clear instructions and indication of complexity, Canadian advertisers, Canadian designers, lots of illustrations, what went wrong article with pictures to illustrate common beading mistakes. Small format makes it easy to slip into your purse and take along for reading. All projects are available for purchase as kits, royalties go to designers. Easy project submission process.

What I didn’t like: advice column appeared to be made up questions, kits are available through your LBS, but there were none listed for my province – kits are currently only available in 4 provinces, nearest one being over 1000 miles away & not available on the web (hey, Canada is a big country…) Illustrations were of varying quality.

Would I buy it again? absolutely !!- reasonably priced, large volume of projects, easy to throw in my purse – obviously new and learning as a magazine but fills a huge void in Canada.

Canadian Beading magazine retails for $4.95/issue ($20 CAD yearly), published quarterly. The format is booklet size (8 1/2″ by 11″ folded in half). Subscriptions are available through the website.

Thanks Ruth for your insight on Canadian Beading!!!