Oct 152010


Have you looked at the spot price of silver or gold lately?  If so, you’ll know why I’m making that sound…spot (the price by which most retailers and wholesalers base the price they sell their goods to you) is at an all time high for both metals.  And it just keeps climbing every day.

While I’ll still use silver (and when requested, gold) in my work, I lean more toward affordable alternatives – copper, aluminum, bronze and brass – still putting high quality workmanship in my pieces, but less costly materials.

Today I really want to bring your attention to brass – a nice option when someone wants a gold colored piece.  Brass will oxidize quickly to a dark gold color, but can be brought back to shiny if desired using jewelry cleaner, or any of the natural cleaners I’ve blogged about before.

Brass is a base metal, so some people may experience allergic reactions to surface or piercing contact.  If you are making earrings using brass wire or jump rings, you may want to consider using sterling silver or niobium ear wires instead of brass.