Jan 262009

For some reason, today I decided I wanted to make a tiara.

I’ve never really been a tiara kind of girl, and I really don’t know what put it in my head. But there it was, and the little voice nagging just wouldn’t go away.

I googled “tiara making instructions” and came back with lots of ideas, but nothing that clicked for me. Also, most of the instructions required a tiara frame, and I didn’t have one. That nagging voice kept picking at my brain, saying “You have 14g copper wire, just use that!”

So I did.

I took about 18″ of 14g copper wire, and shaped it into a headband. Hammered the heck out of it to make it keep it’s shape. Now I had a tiara frame of sorts.

Now I needed to do some decorating…again using copper wire (this was a prototype!), I made three hearts and two swirls out of 18g wire for the centerpiece. After doing a little more hammering on each one separately, I started binding them together using 26g copper wire. At each join, I added a 6mm clear Czech bicone, which gave it some sparkle.

Next up, bind the centerpiece to the frame. I used 20g wire this time – it’s more sturdy than the 26g, but is still fairly easy to wrap. I started in the middle of the decorative part, being careful to keep it in the center of the frame. I wrapped one side first, added a final bead, and wrapped the tail to the last swirl. Time to wrap the other side to the frame, add a bead, and complete the final wrap.

Voila! I now have a tiara fit for a Queen. I’m wearing my tiara around the house tonite to see if it gets me any respect (not so far, LOL) and have decided I am now a tiara-wearing kind of girl. I will definitely do another version, perhaps using a different style centerpiece…this was a fun project!