Oct 282005

Do you ever get bored with your current level of crafting? Do you strive to learn new things, or do you tend to stick with the same activities, varying your patterns or starting new projects?

Me, I get bored pretty easily. Once I’ve mastered something, I’m ready to move on and learn something new. I have a long list of the jewelry making and beading skills I’d love to add to my repetoire –

  • Precious Metal Clay – clay that’s infused with bits of silver. Shape it into what ever you want and then use a torch to burn or or a kiln to fire away the clay. You’re left with 99% pure silver. Yummy, yummy creations are possible.
  • Lampworking – I must be a firebug in disguise or something…lampworking also involves using a torch, melting tubes of glass into intricate beads that can be shaped like anything you can imagine. Some of the lampwork I’ve seen is just amazing!
  • Bead crochet – intricate weavings of beads and textiles that range from simple ropes to delicate and involved patterns
  • Peyote and right-angle stich – working with seed beads is probably not at the top of my list of “want to learn” but I’ve gotten a taste with creating the bead netting, and the possibilities are endless!

Of course, finding the time to take classes, the money to buy supplies, and the room to set up (another) workshop are the problem. 😉 It’s still nice to have a list to work on to keep growing in my craft.

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