Oct 292005

The Tale of Two Vendors

In the last two days, I’ve received orders from two of my favorite jewelry suppliers: Fire Mountain Gems, and Rings ‘N’ Things. In both orders, I got exactly what I ordered (I always detail check in my orders!), a fun freebie (FMG pin from Fire Mountain, standard Jolly Rancher and Tootsie Roll Midgie from R&T), and plenty of packing material.

The packing material gets tossed in the trash. I have enough garbage(and packing material) laying around, I don’t need to collect more!

Thursday, when I inspected my order from Fire Mountain, I seriously cried out in dismay. The sterling toggle clasp assortment was visibly tarnished…even through the plastic bags it was packed in! Upon further inspection, I found fully 1/3 of the clasps looked like hell. 🙁 I called FMG, got a very helpful staff member, and was offered free tarnishing cloths. HUH? No, I want new clasps. These look awful! No problem, just send them back, we’ll send you another shipment. I do have to say that even with a problem, FMG is fabulous to deal with. So today I ran to the Post Office (had to ship out two other bracelets anyway!) and mailed off my return. Now I’ll just be pacing until the replacement comes in!

Friday (today), order from Rings ‘N’ Things arrived. In the shipment, I have some boring findings: ear nuts, clear wire stoppers, headpins. BUT! Woo-eee…I have some brand spanking new EAR THREADS. This is one of the coolest and newest fashions, and I can’t wait to work with them (and of course wear them…I can’t make something without wearing it too!). Plus, when I order more than $75 from R&T, I request a free bag of “ugly beads”…yep, some of them are hideous, but there are always treasures in that bag…and it’s FREE!!! And of course, that extra little stash of candy (which I should share with my son, but Halloween’s just around the corner, so he’ll have plenty of his own.)

That’s all for tonite. Looking forward to playing with my new “toys” this weekend…..

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