Jul 162006

Last night, I finished up my last piece for a client who gave me some free reign on work she wanted done.

It was a fun piece to make – first of all, I loved the design of the chain. I was poking around on some of the Four Seasons of Jewelry web site a few days ago, saw a necklace with open swirls, and put it in the back of my mind. My design incorporates a different style of connecting the swirls (16g wrapped double eyepins, don’t tell me THAT didn’t make my fingers ache!) and I created a Y commector to hang the pendant that I’m really proud of. (Use the technique for making wrapped loops to make the connector and double eyepins, just make a second loop at the bottom. Also, I don’t use a pliers to wrap anything over 20g, too easy to marr the wire.)

The other thing that makes mine unique is that the large rectangular chain on the back of it can be easily removed and worn as a bracelet. It’s a wonderful, versatile piece! I can’t wait to share it with my client.

I’m not happy with the scan yet…the one I’m posting looks closest to the actual color of the glass pendant than any of the others I tried last night, but it’s really a neat pinky/purple that adjusts color based on light and background.

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