Jul 192006

Beading for charity…

Whether you make beaded goods, sell them and donate the proceeds to a favorite charity, or just donate the beaded items straight out, there are loads of ways to feel good about helping out your neighbors and others in need. A few random thoughts

Make cause jewelry, such as Breast Cancer Awareness jewelry, and then donate some or all of your selling price to an appropriate charity. Another alternative is to donate the jewelry itself to an appropriate charity for an auction or raffle to help raise money.

Make beaded stretchy bracelets with lanyard hooks on them and donate to area nursing homes. Residents can use them to put their keys on…so much prettier than those spiral stretchy key bracelets!

Donate time or money to an organization like CERF (Craft Emergency Relief Fund), which helps craft artists who have been affected by disasters such as 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

More ideas? I’d love to post them here and in a future article on Beading Help Web. Drop me a line at beadingpublisher@consumerhelpweb.com!

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