Jul 252006

It’s not often I have an off day, and it’s even less often when I have one and try to create anyway. But today was one of those days…nothing seemed to really be working the way I was picturing it in my brain, so I finally decided either my brain, my fingers, or just my entire well-being was not in line…so I walked away. My table is littered with snippets of wire, perfectly wrapped jade leaves, a necklace centerpiece and tools. But there they will sit until my mojo comes back. 😉

Sometimes that’s just the way a day goes. Everyone has them…the trick is to not try to create when your muse is taking a serious “sick” day. Once in a while I can work through it, but not always.

At any rate, the evening was not lost. I did manage to price all the items I’ve made over the last few nights, which was fun because I got to look at all the pretty and creative things I’ve designed. In doing so, I reaffirmed that I’m just “off” for a short period…it’ll be back “on” soon.

What do YOU do to work through your blahs, blues, or blechs?

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