Jul 272006

Just a completely personal note here tonite…my sometime jewelry partner and I set up for our county fair today. We have a nice space in the commercial exhibits building and I really like the way our booth turned out. Showing is through Sunday evening.

It is hotter than the blazes. I’m trying to spin a way that two women, not bad looking, witty and personable, can attract buyers when it’s almost 100, no AC, no breeze in sight. But it’s not really working.

So the first night was quiet…too darned hot…one woman even almost got away from the Pampered Chef queens across the way from us because she stated that she was “too hot” to fill out a raffle entry (they got her by stating “BUT WE HAVE FANS!!”).

We have way cool stuff though. Between the two of us, we have some interesting displays (I’ll ask Angie if I can post her new necklace displays, they are pretty unique) and great jewelry.

Cross your fingers that the fairgoers agree. 😉

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