Jan 222006

Most of my jewelry-making roots run deep, including my penchant for charms. Way back when, my mom got me started on a charm bracelet, and in our annual vacations and side trips here and there, I picked up some pretty cool charms. Still have that bracelet in one of my jewelry boxes, and while I don’t wear it often, I do take it out and remember the meaning behind each charm on the bracelet.

And I love charms to this day. There are so many things you can do with them!

  • Quick earrings…hang a couple using jump rings to a pair of posts or french wires and you are ready to go.
  • Ditto a fast pendant…just attach a jump ring, hang from a chain and bingo! you’ve got a great theme necklace.
  • Dangle one or a bunch from a beaded bracelet or chain bracelet for jangle and bling that call attention to your wrist.
  • Pick up a half dozen charms in a single theme and make some Wine Glass Charms…great gift for yourself or someone else – just add a nice bottle of wine and you have a great housewarming or hostess gift!!!! I’ve found a great source for themed charms is scrapbook sections of craft stores…there are some adorable charms there at a fraction of the cost of buying individually!

So, be charming!

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