Jan 282006

I tried a new technique tonight. You are going to laugh, I almost guarantee it. 🙂 But it’s legit, I saw it in Bead on a Wire!!

First, you have to know that we’ve been doing some home construction. Two exterior doors (front door and back door), and I decided after one day that I could serioulsy not survive a major construction project. THE MESS!

Tonight my boys were off to ride their horses, leaving me at home with peace and quiet, and I spied my husband’s cordless drill laying in the foyer. I began plotting…after all, if Sharilyn Miller can do it, so can I!

The technique involves removing the drill bit from the drill, inserting a strand of wire that has been folded in two in the place where the drill bit is supposed to go, and using a pliers to hold the other end of the wire taut while you turn on the drill and twist the wire around itself.

The result is nothing less than cool. I had some sterling wire and some similarly sized copper wire. Most of my experiments worked well. The wire that was folded in half and twisted with itself worked perfectly. I had a length of silver and one of copper that needed to be worked into a necklace with some VERY cool copper and silver beads that I’d had laying around waiting for the “right moment”. See detail…you really can’t pick out the twisted wire in a larger photo.

And when I twisted together 26g silver and 24g copper, the results were fabulous! I used this strand to make some jump rings that look terrific. Using 20g silver and 24g copper did not work well, however. The copper really didn’t twist well around the silver, and when I cut apart the rings, they fell apart. 🙁

So a fun and productive night. And I might even ask my husband not to put away his tools quite yet. 🙂

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