Jan 292006

Do men like bling too?

You might be surprised at the answer. I had a request from my boutique owner, Jeanie, to make some manly jewelry after she’d read an article in the local paper about men buying jewelry for themselves.

So I did a little research (size, styles, techniques) and came up with a couple of styles to test out. One is a copper and sterling bangle, simple style but cool. The other is a hematite and jasper strung bracelet that’s dark and masculine looking.

Had my personal model try them on, and they were a little big on him. So size may need to be adjusted- one of those cases where “size does matter” 🙂 – but what he said when I asked about the style really surprised me! He told me about a copper bracelet that he’d seen that he almost bought for himself…and here I thought he was not the “bracelet” kind of guy!

At any rate, I’ll expand my thinking and begin creating some male bling to add to my portfolio. Fun to create outside my normal box. 😉

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