Oct 172005

Decent show yesterday. According to some sources, if you bring in 10x the show entry fee, it’s a success. I brought in about 20x entry fee, so I guess it counts. Sold two Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets, there’s a nice donation to the Avon Foundation!

First show of the season is always a trial and error. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to set up, but I left my Red Hat Society jewelry put away and managed to get out Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thought I had all the necessary supplies, but I managed to forget extension cords and a power strip. Luckily the promoter had an extra one. I had a GREAT spot – lots of room, and traffic was nice and steady.

I think I need to write an article for BeadingHelpWeb.com with a list of “bring along” items for shows. The site is going to be up and running very soon…I’m really excited!

Next show is Saturday, October 22. Another local high school show. I’m looking forward to it!

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