Oct 182005

Watched a little Monday Night Football tonight while working on some projects. I needed to make earrings for the next show: candy cane striped beads for Christmas, turkey charms for Thanksgiving, skeleton charms for Halloween. I also have some awesome lampworked pumpkins that are perfect for fall as well. They are super delicate and need a lot of concentration when I work them them so I don’t accidently take off a stem.

I have a lot of people ask me where I get all my beads…besides my favorite local store, Eyebeads (which gives me an awesome wholesaler discount), I have great online vendors, and I do get many, many beads from eBay, including those cool glass pumpkins. So far, I’ve been fortunate in dealing with reputable, decent vendors…even when I’ve been dissatisfied with an item, they have gladly refunded or exchanged items.

Speaking of which, I had an idea for Thanksgiving last night. I need to head over to eBay and see if I can find something to fit the bill. 🙂

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