Jan 112009

Came back from a quick trip to Kansas City yesterday. When I left Omaha, it was 28 degrees, but the ground was clear. (Our typical winter is: Snow, Melt. Snow, Melt. Most of the time it’s brown, not white outside!)

While I was out of town, we had a couple of inches of snow, so now it’s all white and pretty…but COLD!

Perfect for hunkering down with a jewelry project or two.

This afternoon I plan to work on a few projects, but I think I’ll make up some earrings that I created for a special project last week. Here are some written instructions  – quick and easy and really cute!

Orbital Bead Earrings

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

18g fine silver wire or 7mm 18g soldered jump rings (2)
3x4mm rondelle bead (2)
Head pin (2)
Earring findings (2)

To make your own fused jump ring, wind the 18g fine silver wire around a 7mm mandrel. Using a saw or flush cutter, cut the jump rings. Fuse ring ends together using a butane torch and quench.

1. Hammer rings slightly to give them a bit of texture. Polish with a Sunshine cloth.

2. Thread one bead on each headpin.

3. Using a round nosed pliers, start a wrapped loop on the headpin wire above the bead- don’t close the loop yet! Link the large jump ring through the loop, and finish the wrap.

4. Attach the earring finding to the wrapped loop, allowing the bead to fall inside the jump ring. Polish the entire piece with a Sunshine cloth, or pop in your tumbler for at least 30 minutes to bring out the shine and harden the metal.

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