Mar 122008

You’ve just innocently wandered into the bead aisle of Michael’s or Hobby Lobby or a local bead store. You remember a pretty bracelet you admired on the wrist of a friend the other day, and that she said she’d made it. You think “That might be fun…I could probably make one too!”

Welcome to the world of beading and jewelry making…if you catch the bug, you will likely be hooked for life! But looking at the aisles of products to buy can be a little intimidating…what do I need? What’s optional? What’s a crimp bead and when do I use one?
Over the next few days, I’ll point you in the right direction to get started…and then you are well on your way to making professional-looking jewelry in your own style, favorite colors, and latest trends!


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  One Response to “Getting Started with Beading”

  1. One of the things I always encourage beginners to do is not get too frustrated at the start. Like most things, jewelry making also takes a little while to get the hang of. So don’t worry if your first creations are not exactly what you pictured they would be. Just have fun and keep working at it and soon enough you WILL be making beautiful creations.

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