May 312009

Earlier this week, I wanted to order some copper watch faces.  I went to my trusty supplier, HHH Enterprises, but was disappointed at the selection and what was actually in-stock.  (Plus, I’ve always HATED their web site, it’s one of the worst I’ve ever encountered…)

Off to Google, where among other sites, I checked out JIT Enterprises for inexpensive watch faces.  They had a number of copper watch faces that I liked, and at $3.99 each, I couldn’t beat them!  (Not all watch faces are $3.99, but there are a lot that are in that range.)  Additionally, the site was easy to manuever, and I had no trouble with “out of stock” on the items I was looking for.

I placed my order on Thursday, hoping to get it in within a week so I could get some watches made up for an upcoming show.  A pleasant surprise in my mailbox today – Saturday – my order had arrived!!

The watch faces were good quality for the price (Geneva brand, same as HHH Enterprises), and while they didn’t ship with an extra battery (something HHH began doing a couple of years ago), there was a nice little stopper on the stem, so the watch doesn’t inadvertently get turned on before it’s purchased.

Good prices, user-friendly web site, nice product, fast shipping…all add up to an A+ from me.

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