Jan 162009

Last night I picked up the mail, and found the new copy of the Rings N Things 2009 catalog. True confession, I don’t buy much through the catalog any more – I’m lucky enough to have their trunk show come to town once a year, and I load up on gorgeous R&T product then!

BUT, a new catalog just screams for paging through, and there are always some great finished pieces for inspiration!

So after I did some work around the house, I settled in for a little down time on the couch. Imagine my surprise when I turned page 37 of my catalog and glanced through page 38.

Something looked familiar…I did about three double takes and finally said “Hey! That’s ME!!!” (to an empty house…the boys were both gone and the dog was outside, LOL). It was my “Owl’s Eyes” bracelet, which was entered (and won Honorable Mention) in the 2007 Your Designs Rock! contest.

I was really thrilled and kept going back to page 38, even after I’d gotten far into the catalog.

Someone on one of the jewelry boards asked why R&T didn’t notify me that they were including it in their publication…well, when I entered the contest (in 2007) I’m sure there was a “we can and probably will use your images” clause, and besides, I don’t really mind it being a surprise.

What a great way to end the evening!!!

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  3 Responses to “What a great surprise! Rings N Things catalog”

  1. LOL, I bet you had Owl’s Eyes when you made this discovery! I’m guessing the reason we don’t notify you in advance is that we like to hear about these “Woo-hoo” moments. 🙂

    Thanks for your nice words about our new catalog. We’re really happy with it.

    at Rings & Things

  2. Thanks Dave…I have several pages marked in the catalog of things I’m interested in…can’t wait for the trunk show in March!


  3. Is that our Des Moines bead show, Lynn? I’ll tell the crew to make sure we have extra-good beads there… 🙂

    at Rings & Things

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